About Renee and The Renee D. Epps Scholarship

Scholarship Winners:

     The Renee D. Epps Memorial Scholarship fund was created in memory of Renee Epps-Roman to support and promote a deserving figure skater who is pursuing a post high school education at a college or university in a field of their choice. The Renee D. Epps Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a figure skater who exhibit’s the academic achievement, leadership potential, and determination to serve humanity in the spirit of what Renee Epps-Roman characterized and fostered in the lives of those she touched.

     Renee D. Epps, daughter of Billy and Diane Epps, and wife of Charlie Roman, began her figure skating legacy at the early age of seven when her father created a skating rink right in her own backyard. She continued this growing passion at Meacham Rink in Syracuse, New York where her parents were instrumental in founding the Salt City Figure Skating Club. Renee would then go on to win many local and regional competitions. As her competitive skating career came to an end, Renee began coaching and bringing her expertise and passion for skating to all her students. Her professionalism and dedication to her sport led to her being an integral part of figure skating clubs all around Central N.Y. and beyond. Renee was also an instrumental force in founding the Skating Club of Central New York, which became her home club. Throughout her life and her career as a respected figure skating coach, Renee exemplified strength, character, and compassion for all those who had known her while promoting the importance of higher education as being the catalyst for an enriching and successful life.


Heather Bianchi

Amelia Coakley

Meghan Ferguson

Carrie Gilbert

Taylor Walpole




Andrea Auer

Rachel Hermann

Jessie Murray




Oliva Coakley

Vanessa Kline

Emily Thomas

Taylor Wisely




Elizabeth Choquette

Ginny Faunce

Nicole Latimore



Over $15,000 in awards given to date!

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